MACRO CABLE For Quality Power Solutions


Owing to long experience in marketing different types of cables in Bangladesh, Macro Group ventured to set up a cable manufacturing plant- Macro Cable Ltd. Its sister organization Macro International Ltd. has long track record in marketing quality Cables from world reputed companies like ALCATEL (Nexans) of Germany, Taihan Electricals from Korea and Phelps Dodge-a General Cable Co. MIL has been the foremost contractor of all major utilities including BPDB, REB, DESCO, DESA and PGCB. Since early eighties the company provided turnkey solutions which include Underground Cable Networks and Submarine Cables. The main product of Macro Cable ranges from Building Wire Cables to Power Cables and Conductors.


Fire Proof Circuit Integrity Cables
MACRO FR-6387 Fire Proof Cables, also known as Circuit Integrity Cables or Fire Rated Cables or Fire Resistant Cables, are specially designed for Critical Life Safety System that allows the circuit to remain integrated for few hours to ensure operation of emergency systems, in the event of fire. These cables are most suitable for places where concentration of people is high and need quick and safe evacuation, in case of fire. Modern Buildings are not only designed to be aesthetic, eye catching state-of-the-art architectures, they should be functional as well, in terms of safety and durability.


MACRO FR-Fire Retardant Cable & FRLS
To ensure safety Macro has launched FR-Fire Retardant and FRLS Cables to motivate customers to go for high end product in place of conventional PVC Cables. Macro’s Fire Retardant Cables are ideal solution for modern building wiring technology. It is also in process of manufacturing FRLS Halogen free cables that will further bring us closer to the cutting edge technological development in the field.


SMS Genuinity Concept
100% Counterfeit Protection Macro has developed ‘SMS Genuinity Concept’ to protect its customers from the clutch of counterfeit manufacturers. The company has introduced a SMS based Product Originality Assessment System ‘SMS Genuinity Concept’ which will ensure customer to purchase Genuine Macro Cables.


Macro Electricians’ Society MES
Safety from fire hazards depends much on quality of cable and workmanship in wiring. Electricians play a vital role in minimizing fire hazards by adopting proper wiring techniques. Macro have been bringing the electricians all over the country under a forum called “Macro Electricians’ Society” MES. Our objective is to train them on modern methods of wiring and to update them on modern cables, their merits and application.


Quality Objective “Safety First”
With this vision we venture to introduce modern concepts of cables like FRFire Retardant Cables & FRLS, as well as FRLS-Halogen free cables. Use of best quality raw material is essential to ensure our motto “Safety First”. We are therefore very much sensitive in selection of raw materials like Copper Rod and Insulating Compound. Besides we strictly adhere to Moody Guideline for ISO to streamline our management to cater the quality requirement at all level.

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